Chair Exercising

I was thinking about different exercises that people could do and thought of older people and people with limited mobility. I’ve had problems with my knees and feet for years, so I’m always looking for an exercise that won’t hurt me. I prefer to do any type of workout at home these days. I never know when my knee will try and throw me on the floor………hahahahahaha.

My grandmother and my sister used to do chair exercises. You get a chair, sit on the edge of it, and do leg and arm exercises. There are seated Jumping Jacks, Ab Twister, Seated Leg Extensions, Seated Press Ups and workouts that include using a water bottle or two. Here’s a link that explains those exercises……

I was also looking through YouTube videos for chair exercise videos and found a few. The first one I found is a 20-minute workout with a guy and girl. The guy is using hands weights and the girl is doing the same moves without weights. The moves are easy enough. I think I might do these types of moves in my spare time. Here is the link to the 20-minute chair exercise video on YouTube……..

This last video that I’ll post a link to is seniors doing chair exercises. These moves are also very simple and easy. I found myself moving along with the video without thinking about. It was just so simple. The moves were also stretching out my tired muscles since I had just got off work. I know what videos I’ll be saving in YouTube. Here is the link to this video……….

Hopefully, these videos will be helpful to someone. I found them to be quite helpful to me. I’m always open to new things in the exercise world as long as it won’t hurt me. Until next time, I’ll be on the lookout for new things to post.

brown chair




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